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Why Super Pet?

If you are not an animal lover, you may not ever understand, but our pets are a vital part of our lives. They play with us when we're happy, snuggle with us when we're sad, refuse too leave our side when we're feeling sick, and keep us from feeling lonely. It would be very hard to be as good of a human friend to them as our pets are to us, and for that reason we feel they are SUPER and deserve the best in return!

Grooming prices? 

We believe in fair pricing and are competitively priced with our salons in our area. Some appointments require more time, brushing, drying or special handling especially with puppies, nervous dogs and seniors. We will always try to give you an honest estimate of your expected price in the initial consultation over the phone and in person when you arrive for your appointment. However, there may be times when an additional fee will be added that will be thoroughly discussed when coming in for pickup time. 


Do you have Military and Senior Citizen discounts?

This really goes back to the fair pricing. We love our seniors and military personnel and have nothing but respect for the sacrifice you are making and what you do for all of us. We also feel the same way about our everyday heroes like police, EMT, doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, and everyone who gets up every day to make life better for themselves and other citizens of our great country.


Do you have a loyalty program?

We do offer a 10% discount to all of our regulars who rebook with us for every four weeks. Coming into the grooming salon frequently allows your pets to become more comfortable with us, maintains their nails and skin, and allows us to assist clients with bathing and brushing coats. 

Senior pets? 

Here at Super Pet we do groom senior pets, however, the grooming process can be hard on them. We will always do our best in completing their haircuts but will sometimes have to make the call that we are unable to complete a service. This is decided based on many factors and to insure the health of your senior. 

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