French BullDog Puppies!

About the Mom


Frankie is 5 years old.  She is our tough girl.  She is the watch dog of the house and although she has never met a human she doesn't like, she not really found of anything with 4 legs.  She's the Alpha over Cooper for sure.  She is very wrinkly even for a Frenchy, but she has Champion bloodlines and it shows.  She is very healthy, breaths good, has a strong back and legs and even had these puppies naturally, which is rare in bulldogs.  She wasn't to sure about being a mom at first, but after about a week, she settled in nicely and is doing a great job now.

Our special girl Frankie, had a litter of puppies and we have two available for sale.  We are the owners of Super Pet Pet Store, but these dogs are our personal pets and members of our family and they are not being sold thru the store.  We are looking for good homes that can care for these puppies both emotionally and financially.  Money is not the deciding factor, but French Bulldogs are not cheap to breed or even care for, so please send us a note with an offer if you wish and we can go from there.  Thanks

About the Dad


Cooper is 4 years old.  Coops is probably the worlds most snugly dog, he has a great personality and is always down to curl up in your lap or next to you.  He is a master at finding a spot to cuddle even when you are not trying to.  He has a very minor allergy, but other then that he is very healthy as well, he did pop a ligament as a puppy, but that was from falling off the couch and not heriditary.  If these puppies have much Coops in them at all, then they will be happy, snuggly dogs.

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